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Risk free 30 days money back guarantee on our Online orders 🧡 FREE Tracked Shipping on ALL Orders
Risk free 30 days money back guarantee on our Online orders 🧡 FREE Tracked Shipping on ALL Orders

EverGlow Calm - Snow Mountain Lamp / Night Light - Sleep Improvement Lamp

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The Perfect Light for a Nursery - The most soothing and relaxing night light

Warm and Inviting Light - lamp emits a 2800K extra warm white light, offering a gentle and calming glow, ideal for relaxation, reading, and preparing for sleep.

Automatic Off Timer - Auto Turn off after 30 or 60 minutes

Rechargeable Battery - Long lasting, rechargeable battery so you don't need to worry

Effective - Perfect to help you or your children get a perfect nights sleep

Stylish - Modern and Fun Design to make it fit in any room

Portable - Great to take on holiday or staying at relatives 

Why EverGlow Calm?

As sleep eludes both adults and children alike, it's crucial to address the factors that disrupt our rest. Today, sleep deprivation has become increasingly common, often due to a variety of reasons ranging from stress and anxiety to discomfort and temperature fluctuations.

It's essential that you get a good nights sleep. The creators behind EverGlow Calm had researched the effects of light on the process of falling asleep. 

Gone are the days of waking up cranky, not being able to sleep, and just worrying about everything on your mind. Simply turn on the light and timer before going to sleep, and relax.

Experience the transformative power of EverGlow Calm – where you will be transported to a new state of sleep.

Not happy for some reason? - We offer a money back guarantee that you will be satisfied with your EverGlow Clam. So order today in confidence 

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Olivia Jones

This lamp has been a game-changer for my daughter's bedtime routine. Its gentle light helps her relax and unwind, ensuring she gets the restful sleep she needs.

Benjamin Garcia

This lamp has transformed my nightly routine. Its gentle glow creates a calming ambiance, making it easier for me to unwind and drift off to sleep peacefully.

Ava Miller

I suffer from restless nights, but since using this lamp, I've noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep. It's become an essential part of my bedtime ritual.

Ethan Brown

My kids used to fight bedtime every night, but ever since we introduced this lamp into their room, they actually look forward to going to bed. It's been a lifesaver for us!

Alexander Johnson

This lamp has made bedtime so much easier for my daughter. Its soft glow helps calm her down after a busy day, making it easier for her to drift off to sleep.