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Risk free 30 days money back guarantee on our Online orders 🧡 FREE Tracked Shipping on ALL Orders

Flash X Pro Torch - Most Powerful LED Torch

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The world's most powerful LED flashlight, ideal for outdoor activities

Perfect for those early winter nights. 

This is the best torch for those walks at night, whether it's for exercising, walking the dog, camping outdoors or simply when there are power outages, this adjustable torch has the most powerful and long range light on the market. It's finally available in the UK! Recommended by 97% of users who have already tried it .

It has the capacity to illuminate the length of several football pitches. LumForce, it's like looking directly into the sun! Its lights are so powerful that they can burn a piece of paper if you place it on top and turn on the torch.

The perfect survival tool!

It never hurts to have a torch handy!

It is perfect for camping or mountaineering... You can use it as a lamp, to scare off wild animals, to call for rescue in case of emergency, or even to cook something small like an egg!

The torch can be turned off at any time, without having to go through all the different modes!

Indestructible, rechargeable, and waterproof.

It has excellent resistance to rough handling, as it has been designed for military use... It withstands falls of up to 10 meters, it can be run over by a car... it is simply AMAZING!

The torch has a high-capacity battery that can be recharged through its USB port. But that's not all, its USB port also turns this LED torch into a power bank, allowing you to charge up your phone, camera...

There are still more things you need to know about this torch! Thanks to its water resistance (IPX4), you can use it on rainy and snowy days, meaning it is the ideal choice if you need a torch for camping or hiking.

Used by professionals for tracking tasks or night shifts, and also used by mountaineers, cyclists, and people in general for sports activities or camping outdoors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Massimo Degli Effetti

Bad quality

Aaron Mitchell

Impressed with the brightness of this torch. It's durable, easy to carry, and a reliable companion for outdoor adventures.

Mason Parker

I love the sleek design of this torch. It's compact enough to fit in my pocket, and the beam is incredibly bright. Highly recommended!

Gabriel Foster

This torch is a lifesaver during power outages. It's sturdy, and the long battery life ensures it's ready whenever I need it.

Liam Harrison

Perfect thanks!